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Orgunique™ offers organic fertilizers that are made from certified organic and natural ingredients and manufactured in Canada.  The company offers gardening products including liquid fertilizers, granular fertilizers, foliar supplements and soil amendments.

Orgunique™ was coined by a combination of two words - 'organic' and 'unique'. These organic fertilizers products are manufactured from a variety of certified organic and natural ingredients for all gardening needs ranging from flowers and vegetables to shrubs and lawn. Orgunique™ organic granular fertilizers are free of any filler and the liquid plant foods are pure concentrate and free of added water. They are produced by an extensive fermentation process using state-of-the-art technology to ensure quality and highest standards for a perfect organic gardening experience.

Organic Products

Organic Products

Organic and Organic-based  fertilizers by Orgunique for your garden or farm!.

Organic Gardening

Gardening Tips

Simple tips on how to create your own organic garden and use of organic fertilizers.

Why Organic?

Why Organic

Find out why every garden should go organic and why Orgunique™ products should be your first choice in gardening.

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Organic Fertilizers from BioFert Manufacturing Inc.

Orgunique™ is a trademark of BioFert Manufacturing Inc. If you would like to learn about BioFert, click Organics from BioFert