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  • Liquid Organic Fertilizers

    Nutrients are quickly and easily absorbed by plants. Quick results from nutrients being absorbed by leaves and roots. Organic liquid fertilizers are pure concentrates and are free of added water.

  • Granular Organic Fertilizers

    Granular organic fertilizers provide natural slow release nutrients. Organic granular fertilizers enhance microbial activity in soil. These granular fertilizers are free of fillers.

  • Proudly made in Canada

    All fertilizers are manufactured in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Chilliwack BC. Choose eco-friendly organic fertilizers proudly made in Canada.

Why organic?

Find out why every garden should go organic and why Orgunique products should be your first choice in gardening.

Why Orgunique?

Orgunique products are manufactured for all gardening needs ranging from flowers to vegetables and trees to indoor plants.

Organic fertilizers

Organic and Organic-based  fertilizers by Orgunique for your garden or farm!

Let's go organic

Download Let's Go Organic Brochure with lots of gardening tips.

Orgunique catalogue

Download Orgunique organic fertilizer catalogue for the latest selection of products.

Organic Gardening

Simple tips on how to create your own organic garden and use of organic fertilizers.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the most comonly asked questions answered here.

Organic fertilizers made in Canada

Orgunique offers organic fertilizers made from organic and natural ingredients, manufactured in Canada. The products include liquid fertilizers, granular fertilizers and soil amendments.

Orgunique was coined by a combination of two words - 'organic' and 'unique'. These organic fertilizer products are formulated for flowers, vegetables, shrubs and lawn.

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How to prevent winter damage?


Plants need to build their food reserve for winter and in the absence of good soil conditions and balanced fertilizer use, plants become more prone to winter damage.

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Hanging baskets and containers


Hanging baskets and other container plants can actually become weak due to excess growth. Chemical fertilizers tend to grow the plants fast and don’t carry any supplements; hence plants stretch, develop deficiencies and become weak. They transpire (releasing moisture through leaves) more due to stretching and as a result of too much stress, they get attacked by pests and grow weak. Container plants grown with organic products have sturdy growth and need less water.

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Your natural gardening choice.


Tomato & Veg Fertilizer

Organic concentrate to improve quality and yield in tomatoes and all vegetables.

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BioFish Liquid Fertilizer

Organic, fish based concentrate for increasing organic matter and improving soil structure.

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  • “I have been using two Orgunique products over the past few years with good success. The first is Orgunique Tomato and Vegetable 4-3-7 granular fertilizer. I add this product to my vegetable garden beds in early spring and again in mid-late summer when planting fall and winter vegetable crops."

    Mike Nassichuk, GardenWorks, North Vancouver, BC
  • "I’ve used the granular slow release hanging basket fertilizer this season with fabulous results. I start off with the slow release and supplement with liquid hanging basket food throughout the season. Very happy with this product."

    Lorna, Arts Nursery, Surrey, BC
  • "Our best sellers have been the granular Tomato and Vegetable in the 2 kg pack. I strongly recommend it because of additional Calcium in it. It’s not only great for tomatoes but also on all flowers and hanging baskets"

    Sheilagh, Dykhof Nurseries, North Vancouver, BC
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