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BioFert Manufacturing Inc is a leading provider of organic and organic based fertilizers and soil amendments. Headquartered in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, BioFert has state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and warehousing facility capable of manufacturing organic & organic based liquid & granular fertilizers. Organic fertilizers can help improve fertilizer efficacy by enhancing nutrient uptake and conversion in the plant.

BioFert started off 'Orgunique' brand from Western Canada and is now available coast to coast in all major garden centres. The company's investment in fertilizer technology and production capacity have positioned BioFert as a leader in the organic industry. BioFert’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer service has enabled it to build a valuable brand name and reputation. A strong management team backed by experts with hands-on experience and knowledge in the field of agriculture is BioFert's key competitive advantage. BioFert ensures that all production batches go through strict quality control and no product is shipped until quality benchmarks are met.

Roses love fish fertilizer, for luminous colour and flower quality. I always give my roses an extra boost with Orgunique products. I use their products on all my roses and have never been more thrilled with the results. Feeding roses with fertilizers from Orgunique help them produces masses of flowers! I strongly suggest you plant each of your new roses with the Starter Food from Orgunique. I love these products as much as my roses!.

Brad Jalbert, Rose Breeder, Select Roses, Langley BC

Why choose Orgunique

Orgunique products are manufactured from fish emulsion, kelp, humic acid, and many other natural & organic ingredients.

Orgunique products are free of added water and are filler free so there are more nutrients for plants.

Orgunique products not only provide nutrients to plants; but also promote benefical microbes and help build the soil.

Our expertise

Here are some of our benchmark qualities valued by our clients

Largest organic selection
Liquid and granular products
Quality control
Made in Canada
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