Questions and Answers

  • Are Orgunique plant foods safer for the environment?

    Yes. Orgunique manufactures organic and organic based plant foods which are non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Organic plant foods are 100% safe as they do not contain synthetic chemicals. The nutrients are derived from all natural organic ingredients and do not contaminate the medium, ground water or the environment. Organic based plant foods are made with an organic base and low amounts of synthetic ingredients to provide nutrients in higher quantities, which is not possible in 100% organic fertilizers. These plant foods are far safer than 100% chemical fertilizers which pollute the ground water and degrade the soil quality.
  • Do Orgunique organic and organic-based plant foods work as well as chemical garden fertilizers that have a high percentage of synthetic nitrogen, phosphorus and potash?

    Definitely. Organic fertilizers feed the soil by enriching it with nutrients and organic matter. They key is that organic products need to have nutrients in "available form" which is not always the case in organic plant foods supplied by most manufacturers. Orgunique is manufactured using a sophisticated technology in which different organic materials are fermented separately to ensure availability of nutrients. Although the numbers in organic fertilizers are lesser than inorganic fertilizers, the potency is high . Besides there are no negative impact, burning or other side effects. Fruits and vegetables grown from organic fertilizers has better taste, lower salt concentrations, have better taste and more shelf life because they have not been artificially forced into growth like synthetic chemicals do..
  • Why are the NPK numbers lower in organic fertilizers as compared to synthetic fertilizers?

    In nature, there is never a high concentration of nutrients. In chemical fertilizers, higher concentrations are achieved by using synthetic means. If you "organic-minded", then you would understand that nature works at its own pace and does not believe in forced growth by inappropriate and indiscriminate feeding of plants and crops . Organic fertilizers are made from such ingredients occurring in nature and hence have lower concentrations as compared to synthetic fertilizers
  • Why does it take longer for organic fertilizer to work than synthetic chemical fertilizers? What is the difference?

    Chemical fertilizers feed the plant, not the soil. They provide a highly concentrated amount of nitrogen to the plant resulting in instant green up (2 to 3 days), but the effectiveness does not last. Organic fertilizers feed the soil, break down slowly and feed the plant only the amount of nutrients that the plant needs. When you purchase a 1 litre bottle of chemical fertilizer with a NPK value of 10-16-10 you are getting 36% synthetic chemical nutrients and 64% of inert ingredients that contribute nothing. When you purchase a bag of Orgunique Lawn Food 10-2-5 NPK you get 17% all natural usable nutrients and 83% organic matter which enriches and restores the microbial activity in the soil. Chemical fertilizers on the other hand work as deterrents for healthy microbial activity.
  • Can Orgunique plant foods be used near water (ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and brooks)?

    Yes, without hesitation. Orgunique plant foods are slow release products that do not leach like chemical fertilizers do. The presence of heavy metals in chemical fertilizers and higher concentration of chemicals cause pollution and destroy the ecological balance. Organic plant foods have lower concentrations and do not have detrimental effect on the ecosystem unless used in an abnormally high quantity. As a matter of fact, organic products are used as medium amendments to improve soil conditions.
  • Do Orgunique plant foods have an offensive odour?

    No. Orgunique fertilizers are not made from manure or sludge- based products that are typically associated with offensive odour. Our manufacturing process, which is an accelerated fermentation process, removes all offensive odours from the final product. Orgunique plant foods may have a mild odour in concentrated form, but once they are diluted, the odour is not longer there. To mask any potential mild odour, essential oils are added for a minty or fruity scent.
  • Is it more expensive to use organic fertilizers than synthetic chemical fertilizer?

    It can be actually less expensive to use organic and organic based plant foods over the course of the entire growing season. Chemical fertilizers are no longer as inexpensive as they used to be. Orgunique is managed by environment conscious individuals and strive hard to promote use of organics. Our vision to make organic and organic based fertilizers affordable around the world. Do read 'Why Organic?' to learn about our long term vision as a environment conscious and socially responsible corporation.
  • Why should I switch to Orgunique plant foods from traditional synthetic chemical fertilizers?

    Going organic is the natural choice if you care about the environment, healthy living, clean chemical free water & balanced ecosystems. You will feel a noticeable positive change in your life if you go the organic way and live a life that respects nature. Who feeds the wild fruit trees in the forest? No one does and yet they are full of blooms as they are in a natural balance. We at Orgunique strive to offer the same balance to your crops. The development across various sectors is rapidly depleting the Earth's resources. Let us make a conscious choice and initiate change before it is too late!
  • I am just not comfortable changing my current fertilizer plan. Any comment?

    We suggest that you simply reduce your current fertilizer plan if you are not comfortable changing it completely. If you decide to go the Orgunique way even on a small area of your activity, you will at least be heading into a more environment friendly direction. The best way to begin is to try out our organic supplements and see how your garden plants respond. You will realize soon that you need lesser frequency of application, bigger flowers, greener lawns and better fruits and vegetables by using Orgunique products.
  • Are Orgunique products proven?

    Orgunique products are researched and manufactured by a team of agricultural post graduates and PhD's with several years of experience in the field of soil science and plant nutrition around the world. These products have been tested in our own laboratory and trial farm plots and ensure efficient uptake of nutrients by plants. The products have been extensively used by home gardeners, nurseries, landscapers and other growers with spectacular results. Please view Testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • What are the three numbers like 3-1-4 on the package?

    The three numbers on a garden fertilizer are in the order NPK: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. The actual numbers are percentages: 3-1-4 fertilizer is 3% (by weight) Nitrogen, 1% Phosphorus, 4% Potassium. When choosing a plant food formulation, choose one for the purpose you would like it to serve. If you wish to favour growth of leaves over flowers (for instance for a leafy vegetable crop, or a lawn, choose a plant food with a higher first number; for flowers or fruits, choose a higher middle number and, for better root growth, choose a higher last number. Just remember this. N:P:K is leaves: flowers: roots. Orgunique has many products that have been specially formulated for specific crops at various growing stages. Please contact a Orgunique sales representative and we will provide you the best solution for your need.
  • I would like to grow organic food in my backyard. Can I use Orgunique fertilizers on my plants to grow organic fruits and vegetables?

    Yes. Orgunique manufactures a range of 100% organic and EcoCert approved fertilizers which can be used to grow organic foods. Please view our products and or ask our experts to know if a product can be used to grow organic food.
  • On which crops does Orgunique plant foods provide best results?

    Orgunique conducts extensive research and product development and has developed garden fertilizers and plant foods that will benefit a wide range of flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, indoor gardens and nursery plants. Please view list of Products.
  • What does EcoCert mean?

    EcoCert is a organic certifying organization and approves products that can be used in certified organic growing. Several of the Orgunique products are EcoCert approved or are in the approval process of being approved.
  • How can I get an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) sheet for a certain product?

    Organic products in general do not requie MSDS. If you still need one, contact our office.
  • How long can Orgunique plant foods be stored for?

    Orgunique Liquid and Granular products can be stored easily for 3-5 years under appropriate storage conditions.
  • Which countries do you ship to?

    We currently ship to mostly in Canada but can also ship to other countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East & Australia. Before you place an order, please check the import requirements of the country you reside in. For commercial quantities, please Contact us.
  • What does Foliar Application mean?

    Foliar application means when the product is sprayed on the leaves of the plants. When nutrients are sprayed on leaves they are absorbed into the plant and utilized much quickly than through root application. Foliar application may help in bypassing some soil related problems to deliver required nutrient to the plant at critical times of development, stress or other crop needs. Foliar application does not replace good soil management but supplements it very efficiently.
  • Can I use Orgunique mixed with other products?

    Compatibility is a bigger issue with liquid fertilizers rather than granular fertilizers. Orgunique products can generally be mixed with a number of products, but we do recommend checking compatibility before mixing the products. The easiest way to check compatibility is to mix small quantities of the needed products in water according to their dilutions and watch for any signs of reaction or sedimentation. If there is no reaction or settlement (sedimentation) in the container, it generally means that those products are compatible. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to Contact us.
  • I have a retail store, how do I get Orgunique products?

    Please call us at 1-800-661-4559 or 604-557-1496.