How to quickly revive weak plants?


If the plants don’t look healthy and there is no vigour in leaves or colour, here’s how to fix it quickly:

  1. Work the soil lightly and drench the roots with a heavy solution of BioFish using 30 ml per litre of water and use the same solution as a spray on leaves using a fine mist sprayer.
  2. After 2-3 days, apply 5-6 ml of Kelp Boost per litre of water as a heavy drench and a spray using a fine mist.
  3. Use All Purpose 4-3-9 and Starter Food 1-3-15 half and half and apply 15-30 g depending on size of the plant. Mix in root zone and water in with BioFish’s solution as mentioned above.

The combination above will actually make the roots and leaves feel that they are growing under ideal conditions and plants will respond quickly.

Good gardening practices require using both liquid and granular products. Liquids are absorbed instantly and granular products continue to feed over the long run. A good gardener always uses a combination of granular and liquid for best results.

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