Propagation (seedlings and cuttings)


Use directions below for best rooting and early seedling maturity. Use 15 ml of General Purpose 3-2-5 + 3 ml of Kelp Boost with every litre of water. Occasionally replace above with 20 ml of BioFish 1-2 times during seedling stage. Add the following when blending soil for seeds or cuttings.

For every gallon (4 litres) of soil volume, use 25 g (2 tbsp) of Starter Food + Humik 5 g (1 tsp) mixed together. This is to be applied only once at the time of mixing soil.


  • Early root formation
  • Dense and deep roots
  • More branches and bushier plants
  • More fruit and bloom sites at plant maturity
  • Helps promote tolerance against pest and diseases
  • Strong flavour