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Customer Testimonials

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  • Brad Jalbert
  • Jeniffer Hill
  • Betty Collins
  • Helen Lee
  • Sukhi Chohan
  • Brad Jalbert, Select Roses, Langley, BC

    "I tried Orgunique's new Starter Food in our test gardens last year, feeding 10 plants of one variety with the new starter. The difference after just six weeks was certainly noticable."

    When we harvested the plants last fall and this spring, the roses planted with this starter food had bigger canes, stronger stems and much more developed root systems! That was enough to sell me. I have not used a starter food in the past, but I'm now fully converted! I strongly suggest you plant each of your new roses with this starter plant food. You can find Biofert's Orgunique line here at Select Roses this year. Their "Starter Food 1-3-15" is certified organic, and we are carrying it in 4 kg and 10 kg sizes for gardens small and large."


    Jeniffer Hill, White Rock, BC

    "I have been using Orgunique's Rose and Flower Food and BioFish and the results ae fantastic! More growth and an abundance of beautiful roses. I also tried General Purpose Plant Food from Orgunique on the other shrubs and plants and they look nice and beautiful."

    Betty Collins, Edmonton, AB

    "I'm a strict vegan and grow my own food in my backyard. The reason I use the Tomato and Vegetable Food from Orgunique is to fertilize my garden is because it does not contain any chemicals and helps me grow healthy organic vegetables. I noticed that the veggies are tastier and last longer than when I grew them with other fertilizers."

    Helen Lee, Richmond, BC

    "For me, my lawn is an important part of my garden and I wanted only the best for my garden. The Lawn Food 3-1-5 from Orgunique works very well and only in about 2 weeks of application, the lawn appeared greener and denser. The best thing was it did not over grow the lawn and the growth was slow and steady. Besides now I dont have to worry about the chemicals when my kids and pets play in the lawn."

    Sukhi Chohan, Surrey, BC

    "Not many nurseries use organic products for grow bedding plants so I was a bit skeptical of using organics at first. After having tried Orgunique products, I would happily recommend it to any grower or gardener. I used BioFish, General Purpose Plant Food and Kelp Boost  that contributed to improved vigour, profuse flowering and enhanced colours of plants. Many of my clients too noticed the difference in the overall look of the plants."

    Flowers in bloom at River Nursery, Surrey, BC after using Orgunique™ Products