Rose Care

Roses are heavy feeders and it’s critical to fulfill their nutrient requirements to get maximum blooming.

Granular Fertilizers

In very early spring use a mix of Blood Meal, Bone Meal Plus and Starter Food. Mix the three products in equal proportion and apply 30-40 g / bush. For smaller plants, use 10-20 g depending on age. Work the soil at about 2” depth around the roots.

After 3 weeks, start feeding with granular Flower Food using 10-15 g per plant every month and gently work it in the root zone.


Liquid Fertilizers

Rose and Flower Food is a perfect organic and balanced fertilizer. Try to feed your roses every 2-3 weeks using 15-20 ml of Rose and Flower per litre of water and in its solution add 2 ml per litre of Buds n Bloom. This will help keep the roses stay out of nutritional stress and they will bloom with full potential. Roses love foliar feeding (feeding through leaves). Once a month give them a solution of Kelp Boost and Buds n Bloom using 3 ml of each per litre for continuous blooms till late fall.

It’s critical to prune roses not just in winters, but also during the season. Prevent the bush from over stretching and prune from all sides to keep the plant bushy and dense. Spring and summer pruning creates new branches with bud sites on them.